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Our goal was to create a space that focuses on an experience. We imagined a space to serve many functions and events, accomodate high volumes of foot traffic, and host intimate gatherings. To facilitate this we chose multifunctional items - India Mahdavi stools, Chris Wolston plant chairs and a large architectural sofa that can be used as an additional merchandising surface. Additionally we selected an unusual array of elements - tarracotta, porcelain, birch bark and Carrara marble - that we choreographed in a way to support the customers' interactions with the merchandise. Taking the design a step further, we decided to expand the definition of multi-functionality by investigating the relationship between product and narrative. The Umut Yamak perch light branch exemplifies this idea - a group of birds perched above the customers, alluding back to the room and its contents. The result was an envelope within which the client's vision for the space was realized and enhanced. 

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