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Our objective for this project was to experiment with a color scheme we didn't normally use... and it all began with a stalk of celery & a piece of antique wrought iron. For starters, the floor - jet black walnut with a matte finish. The green came next: a Schumacher moss green velvet fabric, a chartreuse zebra chenille and a washed-out floral fabric from Italy. We also wanted to stay with a monochromatic palette and focus more on textures and finishes. The fireplace was framed entirely with a white Carrara marble and as a counterpoint we used accents of soft brown leather. For the wallcoverings we experimented with lacquered cork in the breakfast room and a new textured vinyl from Elitis for the general public spaces. As the pièce de résistance, we covered the main room ceilings in a de Gournay gilded paper. It's completely serene and absolutely elegant!

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