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We decided to approach this space by addressing architecture first - a large rectangular bedroom with a bay window on one end as the sole source of light. Our first idea was to unify the room by upholstering the walls in a striated silk. This not only created intimacy in the space, it also helped reflect light - necessary for the room's scale. The color and luxury of the walls led to a sheer burgundy lace for the drapery - contrast! To add more depth and texture to the seating area, we decided to overlay the lace with a chic black mesh. The relationship between light & dark was balanced further by placing cerused elm casegood against pops of back and red leather, bold patterns and hints of nickel. Topping this off with a splash of complementary colors - pinks, maroons, blues and greens, we created a space that was both romantic and intimate. Insider scoop: This entire look was inspired by a bulb of garlic!

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